• What’s it all about then?

    This website explains what the Herefordshire brand is and how to use it. We have worked really hard to create something which is exciting, relevant to us and of which we all can be proud. So, please take care of it!

  • Whats available?

    We have a variety of logos for you to pick and choose from. From campaign to create-your-own bully logo options; there is a logo for every need!

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  • Who should use it?

    Anyone wishing to raise awareness and clarity of Herefordshire’s position and their business within Herefordshire should use this toolkit and become a partner in order to adopt and use the brand.

    Business, Community, Tourism and Produce are all very important to Herefordshire County and different partnerships are available depending upon how much you want to be involved with the brand.

  • Who are we talking to?

    This brand toolkit is for current partners, potential partners, key stakeholders and potential stakeholders. It is for anyone interested in working with the Herefordshire brand. This toolkit illustrates how to position the brand, how to protect its character and how to promote Herefordshire through its use.

    If you currently use the Herefordshire brand or would like to use it within your organisation this is for you.

  • Who owns and manages it?

    This is a joint venture between Visit Herefordshire, the Herefordshire Business Board and the local authority. These organisations and key stakeholders work together to manage the brand and its representation. Ultimately the brand belongs to the County of Herefordshire, it belongs to you; the people who live and work in Herefordshire – generous eh! Using the brand is subject to an application to the brand management group comprising Visit Herefordshire, the local authority and Herefordshire Business board who are looking forward to receiving your application.

A selection of interesting, almost useless facts that will lighten up your day.

A list of helpful people and their organisations and how to contact them.

If you're a budding photographer we want to hear from you!

Download the Herefordshire Brand guidelines here.