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Here you can become part of the Herefordshire brand family

What’s it all about then?

Herefordshire has had enough of hiding its light under a bushel; we’re ready to be loud and proud!

The Herefordshire brand has been created as a free resource for you - the Herefordshire community; businesses, organisations and individuals to raise awareness our lovely county and your place in it.

We see the brand as a stamp of pride, of credibility and as a genuine opportunity for our previously shy county to stand out.

Tell me more!

Why here you can?

It’s a positive message and we really believe that Herefordshire has a can-do attitude and is a place where good things happen so this is reflected in our core brand identity. The Master logo…

Herefordshire and the HERE message are the core of the brand identify because it is our name and using HERE helps the brand come to life - it identifies things, it’s an invitation, it’s an aspiration and it tells our story.

Herefordshire provides visitors, the community and business with unique opportunities for discovery and fulfilment and our brand reflects that

Meet Mr. Bull!

We add the Herefordshire bull because it is an icon of the County and his story is a big part of us and our history.

We affectionately call him Mr. Bull, but don’t try to change his shape or proportions otherwise it’s well, red rag to a bull.


A bull with personality

How we treat the logo with colour and texture.

The bull also forms the core mark for each of the constituent and in the process can take on different character, tone and texture.

As long as they remain relevant, the possibilities are endless

Make your own!

What's avalable?

Herefordshire you can logo

We have a variety of logos for you to pick and choose from. 
From campaign to create-your-own bull logo options, there is a logo for every need!

  • Made Herefordshire
  • Visit Herefordshire
  • Work Herefordshire
  • Live Herefordshire
  • Invest Herefordshire
  • Grown Herefordshire
  • Active Herefordshire
  • Create Herefordshire
  • Explore Herefordshire
  • Learn Herefordshire
  • Shop Herefordshire
  • Stay Herefordshire

Who should use it?

Anyone who wants to raise awareness of Herefordshire and your profile within Herefordshire should use the brand.

Become one of the family!

How do I get involved?

Using the brand is subject to application but it’s a very simple process! Just check out the terms and conditions, decide how you want to get involved and then sign up to get your login to access all the brand resources.

The brand guidelines explain how to use the logos, but it can be as simple as choosing a logo and popping it on your website, but if you want some help we’re always happy to advise.

We’ve seen the brand logos on cider bottles, on business cards and even on side of a lorry, it’s even been spotted as far away as Australia! If you’ve got photos of the brand in use we’d love to see them and maybe even share them in our family album.

What about the small print?

Please read our terms and conditions, we want the brand to be used far and wide but we also need to ensure that it’s well looked after, hence a few rules and regulations to set the standards for everyone involved.

To help you we’ve created some handy brand guidelines which will help you to use the brand, how to protect its character and promote Herefordshire through its use.

We have worked really hard to create something which is exciting, relevant to Herefordshire and of which we all can be proud. So, please take care of it!

Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?!

Who owns and manages it?

The Herefordshire brand is a joint venture between key stakeholders including Visit Herefordshire, Herefordshire Business Board and the local authority. These organisations and others work together to manage the brand and its representation.

Ultimately, however, the brand belongs to the County of Herefordshire,
it belongs to you;
the people who live and work in Herefordshire – generous eh!

  • Visit Herefordshire
  • Herefordshire Business Board
  • Herefordshire Council

Quotes & anecdotes

  • Did you know that Hereford’s Bulmer’s factory is the largest cider making factory in the world? It contains the world’s largest vat too – stainless steel tanks installed in 1975 hold 15 million gallons of cider! That’s a hell of a student party.

  • Frank Oz was born in Hereford. He was the voice of the Muppets’ Miss Piggy and Fozzy Bear, as well as Yoda in Star Wars.

  • In the 14th century babies in Herefordshire were baptised in cider, on the grounds that it was cleaner than water.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar was born in Herefordshire – Creators Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber - battling out for that illusive hit were holed up in a small county hotel during the late 60s where they thrashed out the main body of what would become one of the most famous rock operas in history.

    Thank you to the Hereford Times for this great anecdote click here for 10 more random Herefordshire facts

  • Nell Gwyn (1650-1687) was one of the first generation of actresses and certainly the most celebrated. Her birthplace is uncertain, but there is a long-standing tradition that she was born in Hereford, in a house in Pipe Well Lane, later named Gwynne Street. 

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